Do You Need One For the Journey Into Telara?

In this article we are going to be looking at Rift Leveling guides and whether or not they can actually help with your journey into Telara.

Rift The Game

Now Rift the game has just been launched about 3 months ago (March 2011) and already there are a quite a few leveling guides that have cropped up out of the woodwork. Exactly what is a Rift Leveling Guide?

Let us first take a look at what a Rift Leveling guide is:

Normally these guides are created by the top players of the game and as decent MMORG has a BETA what a lot of them do is work out the quickest leveling path through the game during the BETA.

There are normally other guides which cover PVP, and the best builds to make the guide more “solid”.

The question is though:

“Do You Need A Rift Leveling Guide To Play Rift The Game?”

The answer to that is of course “No”, however before you rule out the idea completely there’s a couple of things that we need to run through:

Not all Rift Leveling guides are bad!

Although the hard part is finding a good one which will actually have quality information.

Some of the guides that I have seen for Rift the game are just collections of forum posts and this is not the best as forum posts are of course free!

My advice to get around this problem is to look for a Rift guide that gives you VIDEOS.

If the Rift guide has videos this means that you’re far more likely to be getting a guide that’s been developed by an actual player.

You will be able to view the videos and this makes it a whole lot clearer when you are trying to level up fast. You also should make sure that any guide you have to pay for has an unconditional guarantee, and then you can try it out and not have to worry if you think the quality is below par or it is not for you.

So Which Is The Best Rift Leveling Guide?

Well interestingly the only real guide for Rift the game we’re able to find that provides you with a complete video leveling guide through the game was Rift Supremacy >>

Naturally you get the written guide, and these are normally laid out with steps like:

1. Go here, do this, and then hand in this.

Underneath there would normally be a map showing you where to go that you may compare to the in-game maps to get around.

Although as pointed out above, this guide also comes with video and this helps, as you will be able to actually view the complete leveling path for Defiant and Guardian as well!

You don’t want to skip ahead and ruin the game, however if you follow the videos AS you are leveling while using written guide: this can really help!


You do not need a leveling guide for Rift the game, although a good one CAN help with your leveling time! Just be sure it gives you videos and a full guarantee.

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